Healing School Testimonies

Pastor Jahfas teaching during the Healing School
The Healing Anointing Sets Woman Ablaze Dancing to Jesus in the Healing School With Pastor Jahfas
How God’s Powerful Presence Moves in The Healing School

The Healing School is a ministry God gave to our man of God for the life and health of the world. God has sent Pastor Jahfas with The healing power of Jesus to this hurting world.

We have begun the documentation of some of these many testimonies of God’s healing power through our man of God into the lives of people. Our aim is to glorify God, to build faith, and to thank our partners for what their support is doing through this ministry.

Thank you friends and partners for the lives God is using you to touch through your partnership.

Terhemba Benedict Aker

After proper tests I was diagnosed with liver enlargement. A life threatening situation that left me devastated. My children started having dreams of me dieing. One day a voice said to me, go see Pastor Jahfas. I went and he laid hands and prayed for me. Few days later, I went back to the hospital and did a scan and the results showed that I have no more liver enlargement. God gave me a brand new liver, Glory to God! I am alive! Thank God for the healing ministry of our man of God.

Elizabeth Msurshima Apeh’s

28 Years Incapacitated Legs and Hands Instantly Healed – Elizabeth Msurshima Apeh’s Healing Story
It began in 2000, 28 years ago to be precise, I was breast feeding my baby then when this severe pain in my hands and legs came forth.

It was so bad I couldn’t walk, and I couldn’t even carry my baby. If I insisted on carrying anything it would just fall off to the ground.

They had to hold my baby for me to breast feed her then. I couldn’t do anything to support my family, couldn’t do business or farm work, I just became an indoor person.

I visited all the traditional medicine practitioners people said would help but no treatment helped this condition. In 2019 I left traditional treatments and visited the hospital but they couldn’t find out my problem, they just said I had Typhoid and gave me series of medications that didn’t help this condition.

Rather the pain extended severely to every part of my body. At this point I felt like giving up. I became tired of my life, for 28 years had passed by and I was still down in this condition.

My husband became fed up with my helpless state and asked me to just die, that he was tired.

This was when my daughter informed me of the Healing School with Pastor Jahfas and Dorcas. I attended with great expectation. Immediately pastor laid hands on me, I felt something left me and that was all.

My entire body became free, my legs and hands became light and I discovered all the pains disappeared. God instantly healed me.

Today I can do all things like a normal person. I do my home chores, I can do just everything. I don’t feel like someone who was sick. I feel completely normal.

I thank God for what he is doing through this ministry. God has used pastor and his wife to bring my life back. May the power of the Lord continue to rest upon them mightily to do even greater works for others in Jesus name. Amen

Chia Didacus

The Healing Story of Chia Didacus :: Sickle – Cell Disease Healed
Four months after the birth of my son, we noticed that he wasn’t just strong. He was so weak and was in pain  consistently, so  we took him to the hospital.

After proper tests his genetic composition was found to be SS and  these problems were as a result of Sickle – Cell Disease causing  weakness and excruciating pain in the bones.

This was tough on us a parents, knowing this condition is incurable and has many consequences. He was placed on perpetual medication which we have followied up and administered for the past 11 years.

My son could not do any hard work, he was constantly weak and pale and would always breakdown.

Then we heard of the Healing School; I was already familiar with the pastor because I had gone to him on an issue in the family that he was praying with me concerning. So  we went in faith trusting God would do something.

We went and during the minstrattion time, he ministered to my son and the power of God touched him.

We came back from the meeting and all of a sudden my son became strong, the weakness ceased, the pain which has been in the bones for 11 years now dissappeared and We  completely dropped the medication.

You know we are farmers; before we came to give this testimony my son took a hole in the house and made seven ridges.
He is completely strong and healthy. God has healed my son. Glory to God!

My prayer is that God will continue to increase his grace  on pastor Jahfas to reach more hurting people through this healing ministry with the power of God

Dooyum Labe

The Healing Story of Dooyum Labe – Healed of Insanity
After I lost my husband, I felt my world was over. I became devasted. Things came against me here and there.  I kept thinking until  I found out I had lost my mind. I became insane. I was highly aggressive and destructive. Would beat up anyone and fight uncontrollably. And it was totally impossible for me to sleep.  I could not keep a job because of my condition..
Several years passed as I battled this condition. I was taken to herberlists to no avail. Then I was taken to the hospital and placed on psychiatric medication..
Whenever I took the drugs I  would become dull and insensitive and then I  would be able to sleep. But the drugs cost a lot per month which was so hard for me and my family. Again I was afraid the drugs were damaging my health.
A month came I could not afford the drugs and this meant that was the end of sleep for me. I was no longer sleeping at this time.  I went somewhere to work then  I lost my mind and began shouting uncontrollably. I was rushed home and that same evening was when I was told about the healing ministry of pastor Jahfas.
We went and I was full of expections. I believed if I would receive prayer from him I  would be healed. He prayed for me and told me I was healed that I should check myself.  I told him “pastor until I go home and if I  am able to sleep without the psychiatric medication then, I will come back and testify.”
I Went back home and that was all. I discovered I was truly healed. I  slept without the drugs. No insanity, no more sleeplessness, I have not lost my mind ever since.. No more uncontrollable aggressiveness. In fact I now work a Job. I have collected my first salary and I am gunning for the second. Glory to God!
Thank God for what he has done for me through the healing ministry of pastor Jahfas.

Victor Amase

The Healing Story of Victor Amase – Over 10 yrs Ulcerative Colitis Healed
I suffered from this condition for so long I can’t even remember how long. It is as though I would say ever since I became a man. But for documentation sake I will just say over 10yrs.
The ulcerative colitis began with just little stomach pains until it grew to a level as I am getting out of bed I would have to quickly eat and take some tablets to be able to survive the day.
I took a lot of medications including traditional medicines to no avail. Met a lot of medical personels who prescribed various medicines that could’t cure this condition.
During this ASUU strike I decided to visit my family to spend some time with them, that was when I heard of the Healing School programme with pastor Jahfas. I have always known in my heart that many times God chooses to use the unlikely.
So I kept aside the sentiments of who he used to be and went with a humble heart full of who he now is and what God is doing through him.
I received prayers and that was all, God healed me.. From that day till now the pain and all symptoms have completely left me. I have tested myself for more than two months now and can’t find any pain. On purpose I wake up and just refuse to eat yet I can’t find ulcers in my body.
I thank God for what he is doing through our man of God. I pray that God will give him more strength to continue this good work.

Doosuur Ikyowe

The Healing Story of Doosuur Ikowe – 9 Years Demonization Healed
It began in 2013 when unclean spirits took over my life and possessed my body and began to torment me terribly.

I was hearing voices that would tell me to just kill someone, and I was afraid of leaving the house because they would throw me down anywhere they rise. I would fall and shiver on the floor untill suppressed.

I lost control over my life. The condition brought so much anger and I became highly aggressive.

All these symptoms of voices, falling and shivering, anger and aggressiveness went on for 9 years.

We visited a lot of places and I was given so many herbal treatments but it just didn’t help my condition.

Then I heard of the Healing School, I went and pastor and his wife ministered to me, the power of God touched me, I don’t know when I began to throw up. The demons left, the voices ceased and, the anger and aggressiveness left me. God healed.

The falling and shivering left me, I am now free. I am no longer afraid to go out on my own for I am completely healed. Glory to God!

I thank God for setting me free. I pray that the hand of God upon Pastor Jahfas through this healing ministry will continue to help as many hurting people as possible.

Franca Gbaabo

The Healing Story of Franca Gbaabo – 13 years Appendicitis/Ulcer/Typhoid Healed
I was diagnosed with Appendicitis, Ulcerative Colitis and Typhoid 13 years ago. This condition brought intense abdominal pain and chronic chest pain.

The pains were unbearable, so after so many years of suffering these symptoms the doctors recommended an operation. So I went in for an operation on the 29th of January, 2019 where the Appendicitis was removed.

However after the operation my condition became rather worse, so the doctors recommended a second operation which I went in again in September 2021.

Still yet my condition did not improve. Rather during the operation my intestines were affected and a tube inserted therein..

This caused consisted headache, dizziness, blurriness of sight and I couldn’t walk on my own any longer.
I needed someone to help me when walking or I used an aid or support to walk. Sometimes as I would struggle to walk I would fall because of all these symptoms. I became a liability to my loved ones, since I was no longer working because I used to sweep the road for a monthly stipend.

Then I heard of the Healing School. I attended with faith and even before the time of prayer ministration, the pastor prophesied that there is someone here with this problem, mentioning the symptoms. I was helped up to the front where he prayed for me and the power of God touched me.

I laid on the floor shaking under the anointing and when I got up that was all. My vision returned, I could see the TV and read clearly, my strength returned, the pains left me, the dizziness vanished, the headache vanished. God healed me.

I came to church today to tell the pastor I am returning to my job. Thank God for giving me my life back. My prayer for my son pastor Jahfas is that God’s hand will continually rest upon him and this ministry to reach the ends of the world.

Mrs Deborah Terver

1Year Migraine Healed – Mrs Deborah Terver

It all started in 2021. I began feeling this chronic headache, it was so bad I couldn’t bend, if I would attempt bending it looked as though my eyes would pull out.

I thought it was normal so I began taking clinical medications but it refused to leave, however, the situation rather became worse. The back of my ears became affected and developed bumps that were swelled and caused so much pain.

It was strange that this situation would appear with these symptoms, for as it went on it brought in Cough too which just prevailed on me all the time.

I got tired and left clinical medications to seek herbal treatment. I received diverse concoctions that just couldn’t help. The last place I went to I was asked to bring a chicken, this was where I discovered this condition was demonic.

I got tired and called my parents and informed them, they requested to call our kinsmen in the village to sit and talk on my issue because it just could not answer to any clinical or herbal medication.

This was when a friend informed me of the Healing School with pastor Jahfas and Dorcas. I attended in high Spirit and full expectation. Before pastor would lay hands, he declared that God was already moving, that people were going to receive there healing even without laying on of hands.

From where I was the power of God touched me, I felt the pain left me, I came out and testified, so pastor prayed a prayer of perfection over me and that was all. Jesus healed me completely.

All the symptoms left me, I am well, I have no pain in the head, no bumps and swellings, no cough, just nothing, I work daily at my job in the full strength of my healing. Jesus canceled the village meeting by his power.

I pray that God will grant greater grace over this healing ministry to help more people.

Akaa Sewuese

Hepatitis healed – Akaa Sewuese
It began in January, I started seeing the colour of my urine become yellowish and I started having constant fever attacks. So I went to the hospital and I was diagnosed of hepatitis.

I received medications, came back and administered for a while and watched to see the difference, however, my urine was still yellowish and the fevers were still coming in.

So I went in for herbal medications. But the symptoms where still persisting. This condition came with severe weakness and affected my daily chores.

Then a colleague of mine who had received her womb opened at the Healing School informed me of the meeting with pastor Jahfas and Dorcas and I attended. Pastor prayed for me, I came back and noticed the colour of my urine came back to normal.

The fever symptoms and weakness left me. I am now completely whole and sound, Glory to God for healing me.

I pray that God’s hand here will do more wonders for hurting people.

Elizabeth Ofia Geri

The Healing Story of Mrs Elizabeth Geri Ofia – Over 10 Yrs Ulcerative Colitis
It began in 2010 When I was in labour for ny first child. I started having this pain in my stomach walls. At first I took it casual thinking it was the labour pains but after delivery the pain continueed and rather became worse.

It was difficult for me to do my house chores without a painful experience and at times it was very difficult for me to sleep at night.

During these years of having this problem, I went in for several tests and tried several medications which didn’t help my condition.
One day my in-law informed me about the Healing School. I attended with my family. Pastor prayed for us and when I came back I kept on feeling better and better until I am now totally free from this condition.

I am grateful to God for healing me. I thank God for the healing ministry of our man of God. I pray that God’s grace will rest upon him more to continue this wonderful work.

Miss Grace

The Healing Story of Miss Grace
For one year I had this problem, I dont know whether it was diabetes or bladder infections but I had irregular urination where I would urinate multiple times night and day uncontrollably.
Because of this condition I slept with a container beside my bed where as others would be asleep, I would be busy urinating through out the night.
As a result of this l felt ashamed visiting people because it was embarrassing for me.
I tried several kinds of treatments to no avail. Then I heard of the Healing School with pastor Jahfas. I just felt compelled to attend which I did. When pastor laid hands on me l felt something like fire begin to burn in my stomach. This burning continued even when l left and intensified to mid night when I slept off.
I woke up the next day surprised, the irregular urination had vanished. It was someone’s call that even woke me up. I am completely healed. No more uncontrollable urination. I am whole and sound. I now visit people and sleep over without fear. God has healed me. Thank God for what he is doing through this healing ministry of pastor Jahfas.

Jacintha Gbagyo

The Healing Story of Jacintha Gbagyo – Hernia Healed
For years I suffered from appendicitis. Hernia had been my major health challenge in life. I believe many of you know how painful this condition is, as the right side of my stomach was always full of pain and inflammated as though some hard object was in my stomach.
This condition continued for years and the doctors had to recommend an operation. I was operated upon but just a year later my condition became rather worse.
I went in for a second operation which still did not cure this condition, rather from the place I was stitched I began feeling so much pain as though there was an internal problem.
This was when I heard of the Healing School with pastor Jahfas. I attended with so much expection because I already heard of what God is doing through this Healing Ministry.
As the man of God began to minister, the power of God hit me so hard. I got up and he asked me to check the place of the Hernia. Oh I kept on pressing and pressing my stomach in search of it but I am yet to find it. God instantly healed me.
Today I am free from this pain, I can do all my house chores without any pain. I am free from Hernia. Glory to God. I am grateful for the Healing Power of God through pastor Jahfas.

Mrs Regina Kwar

The Healing Story of Mrs Regina Kwar
At the age of 10 years, I developed a spinal cord problem, I think it must have been from the heavy loads that we used to carry on our heads in those days. Growing up this problem kept me from doing hard chores like breaking fire wood, bending backwards, walking fast and so on. Doctors did diverse X-ray scans on me and the results showed that my spine was opened at the back. That there was a hole in my spinal cord which was the reason for my excruciating pain these forty years plus.
Then I heard of the Healing School with pastor Jahfas and Dorcas. On reaching there I heard the numerous testimonies of the miraculous healings of people with incurable diseases, O’ my faith was charged hearing those incredible testimonies and as it came to my time of the man of God praying for me, I so much believed that God was going to loose me of this heavy burden. Immediately the man of God laid hands on my back I felt a cold chill run down my spine and that was all. All the pain left me, I could bend without pain, jump and kick without a slight pain. I went back home and the next day did some hard exercises to the Shane of the devil; I called for axe and broke firewood for a long time but absolutely felt no pain. God had filled the hole in my spine by his power. I no longer have an opened spine. I am free from more than forty years this hole in my spine. Totally healed.
Thank God for the Healing ministry given to our man of God.

Mrs Iveren Toryem

The Healing Story of Mrs. Iveren Toryem
I was pregnant for six months and then all of a sudden I entered into labor and instead of giving birth to a baby, I gave birth to a fish, some kind of creature that was exactly like a fish came out and that was all. My womb immediately died, I could no longer see my period, and my sweat began to smell like a fish when it would come out.
I was afraid of all these and ashamed of what was happening to me.

This happened for almost 5 years. Then one day I attended the healing program of pastor Jahfas where he was ministering healing. He laid hands on me and prayed for me. I was hit by the power of God so hard that I found myself on the floor. Getting up that was all, my womb reopened, my period returned, and I conceived and gave birth to this beautiful girl.

I am so grateful to God for what he has done for me, and I bless the Lord for the healing ministry of our man of God who is a gift from God to us..

The Healing Story of Joy Iember – 12 Years Ulcerative Colitis Healed
I was down with ulcer since 2010. It began with just little pains until it developed to a chronic stage where it became unbearable.

I tried all kinds of traditional and clinical medicines to no avail. Things became so bad I could not do any hard work or home chores and it caused me to loose precious relationships because I became a burden to both my kids and anyone around me.

I walked around with a food flask so I could be eating in every 30 minutes to ease the pressure and pain in my stomach. I couldn’t eat anything pepper or ginger was added to. This continued for 12 years until I attended the Healing School.

Pastor prayed for me and the power of God touched me and I received my healing. I came back and just could not find the pain. I received some kind of supernatural strength. The wounds in my stomach dried up and now I can eat anything and do any hard work. I just returned from a journey I went to begin my farm work.

I thank Christ Jesus for healing me. I thank God for what he is using pastor Jahfas to do in the lives of many of us. God is restoring hope and giving many the power to live again. The Lord continue to bless this healing ministry to touch more souls.

Judith Aga

I was married for almost 7 years without a child, O the mockery and insults I went through. One day pastor gave me a prophecy that God has given me a baby, that it won’t be long before I would conceive. This was August 2019, and exactly December 2019, 4 months after his prophecy I conceived just as he prophesied and gave birth to a blessed baby boy. Glory to God! Thank God for giving us a pastor after his heart.

Sarah Ade-akaabo

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis which would give me severe abdominal pain. I couldn’t fast, for whenever I would be hungry the pain was severe. One day we were about to start the New Year fast in church and I told pastor about my condition, he laid hands on me, prayed for me and asked me to go join the fast that God had healed me. I went and joined the fast and to my surprise I had no more symptoms of ulcerative colitis, God completely healed me. This is more than a year now; I have not had any symptom of ulcerative colitis again. Hallelujah! Thank God for the healing ministry of our man of God.

miss Msooter Kyegh

The Healing Story of Miss Msooter Kyegh – Accumulated Mucus (catarrh) in Ribs Healed.
My name is Caroline and my daughter here was down for three months with some kind of catarrh that we don’t understand. She had difficulty breathing at night and would try coughing but nothing would come out.
The difficulty in sleeping became worse so I took her to the hospital. The doctor prescribed a scan which we did and the result showed that mucus accumulated in her ribs. We were given drugs which I came back and ministered to her but the difficulty in breathing did not end.

Then we heard of the Healing School, we attended and pastor prayed for my daughter. We came back from the meeting and all of a sudden the mucus broke loose and began to rush out.

The difficulty in breathing left and my daughter is now whole like every other kid. I give God glory for touching my daughter.

My prayer is that God would grant unto the man of God more grace ro reach many more people with the healing power of God

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