I Heard “My Counsel is Immutable, Fix Your Eyes on The Promise, And not on The Process” (Watch full word on YouTube)


I am a carrier of the glory of God. The splendour of the almighty already resides in my spirit. As my eyes are fixed on Jesus, I am changed into the full stature of Christ from glory to glory!

In Christ, My life is a reflection of the beauties of God, I am an expression of the invisible God. A walking, talking splendour of the almighty. 

My Spirit dwells in the nature of God, my mind houses the thoughts of God, my body expresses the health of the resurrected Christ, and my life is soaked in God’s immutable prosperity.

God has set me on the pedestal of ever increasing glory, hence, I rise in life, triumphing over the world’s systems. I see and declare that my days of Glory are here! Glory to God!

God’s Grace in Romans/Prophetic word. Watch online:

Releasing The Glory in you |Pastor Jahfas Ahua | God's Grace in Romans Series. Rm 8:17-23 |

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Jahfas Victor Ahua
Living Hill Christian Church.

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