I Heard “Get Ready, I Am Taking You To The Next Level.”

God’s Grace in Romans | How to Start a Sin Revival |

We saw from our last discussion that we are effectually delivered from every kind of law – the Moral, Ceremonial and Civil laws.

Then the apostle continues;

But sin, taking occasion by the commandment, wrought in me all manner of concupiscence. For without the law sin was dead. Romans 7:8

Now keep in mind that all through this chapter and the previous, the sin spoken about is not the actions but the sin nature. So he means that the sin nature was in him, but it looked for an occasion to be made manifest.

Therefore, what made the sin nature to showcase itself was nothing but the law. The law came to reveal sin (Rom 3:20). The nature of sin was there, the lust was there, however, without the commandment it wasn’t ignited.

The commandment now ignited or made the lust in us come alive.A very perfect way of looking at this can be observed in the next verse;

For I was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died. Romans 7:8

Observe carefully the statement “I was alive.” which in Romans 6:11 and verse 13 means to be in relationship with God. So the question is this; when was he ever alive without the law in his life?

For the law was given thousands of years before the birth of Paul.

It is clear that Paul speaks here of a time in life when sins are not imputed to men, which others call the ‘age of innocence.’

Even though a child is born from the belly with the sin nature, that child doesn’t know that he or she is sinning against God at the early stage. When Daddy or mummy says to a child don’t do this, they think if they do they are only sinning against their immediate parents.

At this age God doesn’t impute there sin nature against them, this is why David said he was going to his son who died an infant as a result of his adultery with Beersheba (2 Samuel 12:23).

But a time comes in a child’s life when they come to that age where they realize it’s not all about Mum and Dad, but there is a God I am sinning against. Others call this stage the ‘age of accountability.’ This is when God begins to impute their sin nature against them.

And this stage varies from person to person. And it also depends on the circumstances that surround the functionality of each child.

So a child is in relationship with God at this age, they can hear and receive from God during this stage, Jesus even spoke of their angels (Mathew 18:10).

The Child is said to be alive, but when that heart is now exposed to the law of God, the sin nature which was there but ignored is now held accountable and that individual becomes alive to the sin nature and dead to God.

Condemnation ushers in and from our minds we become separated from God (Ephesians 4:18).

This is why Paul said “when the commandment came” not when sin came, because sin had been there all the time. The commandment only came to revive the sin that was ignored.

Now having said this, in the same manner, when a man is born again; he becomes alive to God and dead to the law. Jesus took the penalty of the sin nature by himself being made a curse on a tree, fulfilling the demands of the law for all individuals forever.

Now when the law is reintroduced to a born-again Christian, the consequence is that, the residue of the sin nature in the flesh is revived, he becomes aware of his insufficiencies when he tries to fulfill the law, then condemnation sets in, and from his mind he feels separated from God even though God is not imputing his sins against him.

He begins to feel; how can God still bless me knowing all I have done? How can God use someone like me? But the God of all grace has eternally imputed our sins upon the body of Jesus once for all time. Hallelujah!

Thank you father, today I am dead to the law and alive to God. I am alive to righteousness, alive to divine health and prosperity. My life only expresses the liberty of the sons of God. Glory to Jesus!

Prophetic Insight
In an encounter with the Lord, I heard “get ready dear child, I am taking you to the next level. You have dwelt here for too long, be up and ready, you are going forward”

The LORD our God spake unto us in Horeb, saying, Ye have dwelt long enough in this mount: Turn you, and take your journey…Deuteronomy 1:6-7

Blessings in Christ,
~Pastor Jahfas Victor Ahua
Living Hill Christian Church

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