I Heard ” Your Days of Suffering are Over” – By Pastor Jahfas Victor Ahua

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July 17, 2020.

Your Days of Suffering are Over

The effectual door of glory is opened, this door has not been shut, it is still open. Despise the ups and down and let your eyes be fixed like a flint upon the glory. For many are already experiencing breakthroughs and having accelerated encounters as they have refused to give in to the heat.

Yes, we have been discussing on the subject of divine healing and I believe this is not optional for any Christian. You will surely need it some day. If you hear and practice, Jesus says your house will be built upon the rock, when the storm comes upon it, it will still be standing because you heard and kept practising. (Mathew 7:24 -25)

Before I started experiencing divine healing, I really went through a lot in the hands of the enemy. One time I had some balls swollen in my armpit. This stuff attacked my arm and kept on persisting. I went to a medical store and I was given some tablets. But the more I took them, the more my armpit kept swelling up with balls like it was going to rot.

Then I became angry, this stuff was so painful that sleeping at night was a problem. I had to make a choice either to go for the word or keep on hoping and watching my armpit rot as I was taking the tabs. I decided I would go for the word. I made up my mind that if the word won’t work, then I am prepared for the consequences. I threw away the tabs and went in search of life in the word.

I began meditating upon scriptures and confessing them. At first it looked like there was no improvement but the enemy saw that I was not going to back down. After some time the stuff began to dry off, I saw it day by day dry off and die and my armpit became completely healed. That’s almost five years ago and that was the last time I tasted a tablet.

I began to see that I am already healed. Yes, that was where we left off. Why are we still sick if Jesus took all our sicknesses on his body on the cross?

There is a powerful scripture in the word of God that explains it all. We are told in the letter to Philemon;

Philemon 1:6
That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.

Oh what a word! Every good thing is already in you in Christ. Health, Joy, peace, prosperity and many more.

Now how do you benefit from these good things already in you?

The verse says “That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging” Now they are three keys words here that we must examine carefully if we must understand how to get the good stuff in us manifesting.


The word translated communication is from the Greek word koinōnia which means partnership,participation, intercourse benefaction ( Stong’s Concordance G2842). Take note of the word benefaction in the definition which means benefit or blessing.

The word translated above for Effectual is from the Greek word energēs where we get the English word energy from and it means to be active, to be operative ( Strong’s Concordance G1756). Take note of the word operative in the definition.

And the word translated above for Acknowledging is from the Greek word epignōsis meaning recognition, full discernment, acknowledgement( Strong’s Concordance G1922). Take note of the word full discernment and acknowledgement.

Now putting all together we can understand the verse this way – That the benefit of your faith may become activated or operative by full discernment and acknowledgement of every good thing in you in Christ.

This means we cannot enjoy the benefits of salvation, they cannot be operative in our lives until we begin to discern and acknowledge that we already have them, then they will become activated or operative in our lives. This is why many are sick and die. Lack of discernment is the cause.

We are told clearly that believers die for lack of discernment of the body that was given for their sicknesses;

1 Corinthians 11:29-30
For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep.

Observe the statement ” not discerning the Lord’s body” lack of discernment of the Lord’s body which has been given for sicknesses and sin is the root of sicknesses and death in the lives of believers. It is said above “for this cause” for this reason, for the lack of discernment many are sick and die.

So we get the health that is already in us activated when we recognise or discern that we are already healed through the body of Christ and we begin to acknowledge what has already been done for us.

How do you discern? We will continue on this tomorrow… I have already shared some light through the Spirit on that in my word “You are uniquely anointed”

We will complement the rest tomorrow..

In an encounter with the Lord, I saw a Christian drinking cold water tea without sugar in a cup and I saw the Lord appear and give him another warm water cup of tea with sugar. I saw him drink and was refreshed. Then I heard the Lord say” Your days of suffering are over”

The Spirit led me to:

1 Corinthians 10:16
The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ?

Then the Lord said; “Your days of suffering are over, I have placed in your hands a new cup. This is a cup of blessings, in this cup lies all that my blood and body has purchased for you.

From now on – you are drinking from the cup of my glory. The cup of health, prosperity, peace, Joy, happiness and safety .

The cup of lack is off and I have placed in your hands the cup of abundance.”

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Jahfas Victor Ahua
Living Hill Christian Church.

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